Rules made to be broken

Right now, I’ve taken on many projects. One of them is reviewing and critiquing works of fellow writers. As I have let it be known. I’m not a grammar expert — far from it, but I’m trying.

I notice some writers are using incomplete sentences for emphasis. “Of course.” Not sure if it’s for effect, if it’s allowed, or intentional. The same with starting a sentence off with “And or But” technically not allowed but used very often. If it’s intentional, then it’s okay? is my only reaction, so blatant it must be intentional. Colloquialisms are another matter.

My story, I’m preparing for a professional edit, is going to cost quite a bit of money and it’s only a partial my story is 58,000 words and the first 60 pages will be edited. The plan is to continue the edit on my own using the momentum from the first sixty pages to carry me through the project. I’m excited for the critique. I have toiled over this particular story and believe it has all the elements necessary to find an agent willing to take it on once it is as polished as a shiny new apple.

I’m reading a book which is in a pdf format a really good thriller by Ken Humphrey, The Killing Face. It has soared to number three of the Top Ten list. I can see why, it’s a hit. I’m also reading an audiobook. I was so happy to realize that Angus Watson had written the third book in the Age of Iron series Reign of Iron. There is much humor amongst all the blood and gore of the Roman conquest of Britain.

That actually sounds pretty horrible, but I’m a history fan and even though it was a cruel time in our history I find it fascinating and the characters are great. Doug … that’s all I’ll say, I don’t want to spoil anything.

I have uploaded another story to, now I have three. I received two critiques one great and one not so good. A writer must have a tough but porous skin. I have to work on lengthening a couple of my stories, recently written. That will keep me writing, the editing I’ve been doing can be considered writing because I’m finding so much more to say even on the fourth pass. I realized I had made a very big error, so embarrassing. In reworking it I have added quite a bit of words when I started I was at 50,000 and have passed 58,000 words.

Rules to be broken. If you paint inside the box, then you will find many opinions swaying your decisions. Pick a path and follow through and be consistent. The more you write the decisions you make will become second nature and less of a mire at the editing table.

I haven’t entered any contests lately, but I am anxiously awaiting results. They should be coming in the next few weeks.

Keep the comments coming.

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