A Big Step Forward

I finally took the plunge and sent my story off for a professional edit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the complete edit and opted for an edit of the first 60 pages. There will be a 90 minute conference call and an edited manuscript as well as a query and synopsis evaluation. Then I plan to send out ten queries one of which will be a re-submission to an agent who said to resubmit any Q’s that have been reworked and professionally edited. So, wish me luck.

I have also been getting an invaluable education on YouWriteOn.com where I have uploaded sample chapters of three of my stories and review the works of other authors in exchange for points that I can apply to my stories to get reviews.

Feedback, I have received some invaluable feedback. Other authors get assigned your work and comment on it. They are encouraged to be constructive. I have gotten good and bad reviews on the same story. A good lesson in ‘tough skin’ and how opinions differ. Genre readers are steeped in their idea of a good story and that must be taken into account. Ex. a fantasy reader might not be into a historical fiction. You are able to pass on a story. I have three times. I don’t like serial killer thriller novels.

Critique, I have read 30+ stories. Of that I would say five were excellent with very few errors. Quite readable and enjoyable.

Ten were good, few errors some syntax errors which got in the way but otherwise enjoyable.

Ten more were okay, but needed proofreading and rework. However, there was potential and I found ways to be encouraging.

Five more were hard to read and get through. I gave up on one after reading it twice and found nothing encouraging to say about it.

Recently I read three in a row and I was getting discouraged. I suggest if you decide to submit work, at least print in out and read it out loud to pick up on those awkward errors we all make. Also hard copy sometimes makes you look at your work a little differently and you may pick up on other inconsistencies, etc.

In one of my stories I was alerted to the fact that I spelled character’s names differently throughout after I rushed to put it up.

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