Reaching for the stars

I had set a goal for myself, but it seems I’m not going to make it. As a novice novelist I had jumped the gun and didn’t do the due diligence I needed to do to have a successful story–let me rephrase that. I have successful stories, but they are not ready to market. I’m looking at least six months in the future to get where I need to be and that’s with dedication and nose to the grindstone work.

Currently, I need to get my 45,000 word story to 60,000 words in order to upload it to PandaMoon at least that is the plan, I may decide to send out queries, not sure. It is however, my best bet for a successful MS. I have also purchased two books, that were recommended to me, one is The Elements of Style by William Strunk and EB White, and The Novel Maker’s Handbook by Diane O’Connell.

I’m editing one book as I read these two books mentioned above one of which is a very simple rules of grammar book, very helpful. It put things into perspective and is precise.

I’m using the elements of the other book to complete the current MS and hope to have a better plan when I re-write my other book. 75% of which is extraneous to the plot, according to my editor, and i know she is right. Now, only if I could write the sequel first then I would only need 25% to complete it instead of looking at a 17,000 word MS cut down from 58,000 words. Is anyone else having these problems?

I’m told I have moments of clarity and I have a marketable plot and my protagonist is an excellent character but I need to tear down and build up all around this.

This story, the one I’m working on now, Summer Palace, is faring best on out of the three stories I have uploaded. It is consistently ten points higher on the top ten list that actually goes up to ninety. Hovering around 22.  That’s encouraging. The other two need a rewrite and I’ll revise them after my Places project.

That is a neat website. I have reviewed many, and reading about one a day averaging 7000 words. It’s a good cross-section and I often read stories outside of my genre. Any thing that helps hone the skills necessary to get me where I want to be. I’m in.

I am also still reading. I hit a little lull; not finding books that I love reading, but I keep reading regardless. I haven’t been on Twitter lately either. I do check in now and then but it is one of those sites that can consume so much of your time – when I should be writing.

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