Coming up for air

I didn’t plan to blog at this moment. I checked in to see comments and I had several good comments and questions. I have been tearing up my MS for the past three months. I’m finding I’m making progress. If you’ve been following me there are many suggestions to follow, as well as mistakes I have made. My biggest mistake, I think, was jumping the gun and submitting work that wasn’t complete. I have been nose to the grindstone. I picked one of my stories and applied Diane O’Connell’s tips in her Novel Maker’s Handbook. Yes, I even took each scene and made a color-coded system for POV (129 scenes) with the seven elements that are required in a dramatic scene written on each. Who, Where, When, What, How, Why, Want and Obstacle. Similar to the Goal, Conflict, Disaster Scene and the Reaction, Dilemma, Conclusion Sequel format, yet different. Each element is needed for a compelling page turner.

This past weekend I completed another read through, out loud with a friend. A very good friend. My sister who is monumental in giving a subjective view of my story. It’s difficult to get someone to read a well marketed best seller, let alone a rough draft that may or may not be marketable or readable. I am halfway through going over the corrections and suggestions of my 63,000 word MS.

Earlier, in my blogging I truly felt the raw writing was helping me hone my craft. Each step was necessary, but I went and pitched a Sketch Draft, thinking I was ready.

I recently learned that a Sketch Draft is what I ended up with after four months of raw writing. My blogging style. I am a pantser after all. I have come to these conclusions after reading the Novel Maker’s Handbook by Diane O’Connell that I highly recommend, by the way, if you haven’t figured it out. There are several chapters building up to the first draft. Character; details on knowing your characters, even their likes and dislikes, Scene; building vivid scenes and compiling all these elements into a MS.

Yes, I have over simplified the process. Reading this helped me to see the error of my ways. Also, I read every day. I have stopped all other Social Media and distractions. I have about one more month to dedicate to this story, then I will apply all I learned to the MS that I submitted for edit and want to re-edit with a little more substantive direction.

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