I’m dropping in to blog for a few moment I am in the final stages of a re-edit and have been nose to the grindstone for three months now. I have gone through the MS but found organizational errors in the third part so I had to pay particular attention to the timeline and straighten it out. I need to print out the changes and go through them one more time. In the past I rushed through and it only serves to stop the writer later on. Diligence and painstaking methodical writing is what is needed to insure the MS stays out of the slush pile.

I realize that my MS may still end up there, however, I know I dotted every i and crossed every t. I would know that in my evaluation of another failure that it wasn’t from skimping. However, that is not going to happen this time. I usually am a positive thinker, so I must remain so. It has been a long time since I wrote a query, that will be my next step. I plan to find ten agents to submit to. I already have all I need for this story. I only need to rework the synopsis, log line, and query. That will be interesting reading the docs I sent previously. I should have a better, more concise way to introduce my MS.

If I have any advice for someone in my shoes or just starting out, it would be to focus and keep writing. The blogging is important and as I have said many times it is key to perfecting the art of writing, however, it is distracting and a commitment that should only be second to your dream of being a writer.

I feel as though I have made so much progress. I have learned so much from the other media platforms but I haven’t felt so accomplished as I have by the intense focus I have dedicated to writing and concluding my story.

And, I am well aware that once I get through the hurdle of agent representation and a publishing contract there is going to be more editing to be done. Which brings up another point. The line between letting go of some of your efforts and staying true to your ethic. That will be a whole other area of experience that I’m sure would be interesting to blog about. I hope I have such a road to cross someday.

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