Spilling More Guts

My first blog ever was This Is Me Spilling My Guts and that was a little over one year ago. One of the things I learned and wrote about is that you have to keep your eye on the prize. I listened to every bit of criticism I received. Well, eventually I did.

I stopped blogging, stopped Tweeting, and focused on the task at hand. My writing. I read the writing manuals and grammar books and methodically looked at my work. Of the three books I had on a website that critiqued my work one stood out 10% higher that the rest. I suppose I needed to do all those things to get where I am, but when push came to shove WRITING won out.

After a professional edit on one book I decided to learn the steps of writing a novel by applying them to the story I thought would have the most success or was the most complete. I put everything aside and wrote. I printed it out and spent two weekends proofing it with my sister. Four months later I took one of the recommended books on agents, publishers, and editors and decided to take two from each category and send out queries. I sent two to agents who requested woman’s fiction, two to¬† agents I thought would be receptive to my story, two to independent publishers, two to commercial printers, two to agents who prefer fiction. One publisher requested three chapters, but not necessarily the first three, for they requested any three.

I had combed through the first line of this book, first paragraph, first page, and first chapter so many times that this idea intrigued me. So, I picked three chapters from the end of the novel. Five days later I received a request for the full MS.

You heard me right. It came in the mail. US post. I had to read it twice; because, if you’ve read my blog you know I have sent out over 50 queries and received half as many rejections. The point is. I got really serious with my writing. Made myself crazy over periods and commas. Then told myself I was done. Six weeks is what it will take to hear one way or another. So I wait. but not really. I am working on the book I put aside to learn the skills and steps.

Spilling my guts is what I’m doing. I had a tendency not to mention my milestone. It is a first for me and if it’s another rejection. I’ll take it badly of course, but I will be so much closer to my goal of getting published. I did have a partial MS accepted before, but it was eventually rejected. So, I imagine what it would be like to be over that hurdle and I’m sure I’ll share it with you right here in this blog. Spilling my guts.

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