Still Waiting

I’m taking the time out today to blog. I am still waiting for what will hopefully be my big news. I have a full MS being reviewed by editor’s at a publishing company. I am trying not to dwell on the idea of the doors that may open because it is not a certainty. It is further than I have ever gotten in this business, but I have had so many rejections and no responses that I am a little tentative to run out in the street and scream to the heavens.

I am not waiting however,  my power packed novel Places You Will Be From  was a 70,000 word completed MS. But, when I sent it out for a professional edit I was told it was too much for one book. Between the accidental time travel, too many characters,  and futuristic interference from a 25th Century genius it was cut down to 20,000 words for the book. So, I decided to write a trilogy.

Coincidentally, I was reading a novel by Michael Sullivan Age of Myth a good story and the first in a three part series the second book will be out in Summer 2017. In the prologue, the author mentioned that he writes all three books before he releases the first one. That way he can thread the story between all three books and not have problems with a break through in content or publishing restrictions. Before I heard this (audiobook) I had a similar plan. You may discover something about a character in the second half of the second book and only have regrets if the book is already being published. The author did warn about the difficulty of writing three books at once, but I do see the benefits. I have also read Elegant Universe by Physicist, Brian Greene for research for my current book. I am reading it again for obvious reasons.

I am also going to a location to research a part of this current book. This is the first time I am doing that. I am also using my hometown and the familiar landmarks surrounding it. That is also a first. It’s fun writing about things you know.

So, I am working hard to have the books written while I wait for the decision on my book Summer Palace. I had a successful first read through with my sister on Places You Will Be From 1 I had gone through scene by scene and did a character outline. It is currently 36,000 words. Places You Have Been 2 is currently 34,000 words and Places You Have Never Been 3 is at 3,500 words. I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

What is great about it is. Free writing when you wish, careful editing when you have to, and filling in details when the mood moves you. Choices, I love choices.

I have several other projects. One of which is the reason I started this blog. Woven In Time is in stasis. It is waiting for me to get the skill I need to tackle it again. It was my first book 140,000 words full of jam packed action and fantasy and rejected queries and partial MS. After the professional edit on Places You Will Be From I learned that I have several books wrapped up in Woven In Time. There is also The Tea Room a 65,000 word novel also on hold. I also have two short stories Lucid Dreams and Curious Allure both of which have the potential to become novels. There are several irons in the fire.

I have received some great comments. Thanks readers and keep them coming. I appreciate the offers to share links and co-author but at this point I am focusing on my writing and can’t take on any additional projects.

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