Writing a Book about Writing a Book

I needed a purpose to write a blog. So, I decided to blog about my efforts to write a novel and get it published. I should write a book. As I journeyed through I started to worry … what good is writing a blog about writing a book if there is no success?

That thought occurred many times and when you’re experiencing one failure after another the realization is quite depressing. Is that what has kept me going? The fear of having egg on my face or the thought of writing about all my mistakes? Putting every misstep out there for the world to see. Now, I believe that won’t be nagging at me anymore; because, I have an offer from a publisher to print my novel.

Originally I was following suggestions to build a platform and get an online presence. It’s strange because, when push came to shove I put the blogging aside and even suggested that writing the book is the most important objective. IT IS; however, the blogging helped the writing skills and I have gained several readers of my blog that have sent great comments that truly kept my spirits up. Now that I have an offer I also have a platform already established. So what is my point? Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

I’m thinking how cool will it be to continue to blog beyond what has culminated to this point. This particular story started, as you know, if you have been reading my blog, by following the advice of an agent who rejected my partial MS. I pitched this agent at the WDC ’15. However, along with the rejection e-mail she recommended a book. The Jeff Herman Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents. In this book I found the publisher that sent me a contract. I also followed the advice of two editors I hired for two different projects. Diane O’Connell’s book the Novel Makers Handbook was used to edit the Summer Palace the novel that is going to be published.

I also have a very supportive family. My spouse has given me every opportunity to explore my creative impulse to write a novel. My sister has read every bit of writing I have thrown at her and has painstakingly sat with me through tough edits and red wine.

How did I get here? Fear, determination, and creative necessity.

Earlier, I blogged about the wait. Five weeks later I got my answer. In the meantime, I have been writing my next novel and I hope this publisher will be interested in that as well as other irons I have in the fire.

In my notice above about people I am grateful for I failed to mention my readers of this blog. From time to time I have mentioned how the comments have helped. Thank you for your interest in my story and the saga continues.

I am going to dedicate this book to Catherine. She is my sister and the inspiration for this new path I am on. Today I will mail in the contract and I will continue to share my experience with you.

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