Another Intermission

I am thinking I should tap a different part of my brain and write about my progress. First I am extremely excited to be going to CT to visit Catherine and read Parts Three and Four of my Epic Family Saga – The Scheme of the Weaver (title may change). She had only read bits of the second half and I did read passages to her over the phone. So having now completed it I cannot wait to hear her reaction.

I have also submitted a third query letter, synopsis, bio and fifty sample pages, however I never received a reply, — even that it was received. Sometimes I think of the benefits I have received from writing this story and feel that if it never sees the light of day, at least I have found something in my old age that makes me happy. However, when I think about my characters I feel an obligation to do this for them — strange. They are so alive to me, you should meet them.

My Tea Room story has been posted in segments I thought I would just blog it and see what happens. I have had several people register, some even commented but not much in reference to the story itself.

In addition to the three submissions, my blog site, twitter and In I have signed up for the 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC. There I will pitch my book and have 90 seconds in which to do it, so needless to say that, and researching agents is taking up a lot of time and I still have my own golf business. My husband Jay does most of the “leg work” and I work on my Mac, he is very supportive.

He does podcasts and some radio and will help me hone my pitch. He also knows a little bit about how the sessions work. I was concerned about logistics but he assures me they will have it all worked out. I AM SO EXCITED!

So far (knock on wood) I haven’t had any creative let downs in scripting my Tea Room series. My Epic Family Saga (novel) has taken on a different form of creativity now that I have finished it, analyzing, proofreading and scrutiny. It’s strange to me that I read passages that I don’t remember writing because i intend to write a particular scene but it changes sometimes between my fingertips and the keyboard.

I am following several literary agents and writers on Twitter and I do get some great inspiration from the posts. I should tweet about that.

Feel free to leave some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of my Tea Room Princesses. I have been a graphic designer and artist and now my creativity has taken on a different way to express myself.

I am documenting my experience so others may get something out of this.

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