Tidying Up

I am at a crossroads. I have finished two novels during the publishing phase of my first novel. I thought I would clean up my workstation, take a breath, and clear my mind.

In the past month, give or take, I have heard twice from my production manager at the publisher. Nothing new, the MS has not gone to proofread as of today. On a positive note, my goal of two more completed novels by this time has been reached. I have written the sequel to my novel Summer Palace coming to a bookstore near you May 2017. The Tea Room, women‘s fiction complete at 78,000 words is also in the wings.

I enjoy the comments. However, of the 565 registered users only about half are legit. That is one problem with having an open blog. I plan to run a contest to name the other two novels in the trilogy. The name of my first novel is Summer Palace, based on that the second novel is now called Autumn Place the third in the series is called Winter Dwelling. I want to put it out there that I’m looking for suggestions for the second and third titles. Summer Palace is etched in stone and cannot be changed. So, based on that I’m looking for suggestions. I want to wait until the first in the series is printed so I can offer a signed copy of Summer Palace by S. Forrest Nomakeo as a prize. So hang in. I figure this exercise will help me to distinguish my real commenters from the robots and spammers that slipped by my screening. On that note, some of the comments come in various languages and unfortunately, I only read and speak English of the American variety. So, if you have sent comments in a foreign language I appreciate your input, but can’t read it.

I have started the third in the series and I’m not planning a fourth at the moment. I have two other novels I’ve started but are WIP’s. As I’m tidying up, I’m contemplating what my next project will be after I’ve completed the trilogy.

I did something different with Autumn Place I wrote it as scenes not in sequence as I did the first one. I didn’t understand the concept in my earlier works and I’m not convinced it’s something I want to continue. I found myself repeating portions from scene to scene and had a bit of re-positioning and editing when I was done. I believe I wrote cleaner, not sure if that was a result of the method or I might be getting better at writing. When I read that a writer needs to write and only write to be succesful. I raised an eyebrow. But, you know what? I find he was correct. Life gets in the way. Not everyone can drop everything and sit in front of a computer 24/7. But, that is the formula, I am convinced. When I’m writing, truly writing nothing else matters. It’s a lonely world outside the page. That is the intensity, in my opinion, to do your novel justice.


If you can it would be good to stock away some money for your WRITERS FUND. Work ten years, save, write four years. I have someone who supports my efforts. I have a business which lately I haven’t been involved in as much. My husband has learned to build a website and send e-mails. In the early days of website construction, knowing html was vital – not so much anymore. He is excited for prospects of marketing a novel. However, if my novel wasn’t picked up five months ago, I’m not sure if I would still be writing. I have spent a bit of money along the way as well. Conferences, contests, manuals, and professional editing. Let’s see –$5,000.00 ballpark.

If you’ve been following me from the beginning, then you will know that I started this endeavor with no idea of what I was getting myself into. I didn’t plan, I hadn’t written much previously, and I knew nothing of the business. I could write for fun, which is how I started, but after a year of writing I wanted my story to be told, my characters to real, and my novel to be read. Two years and one month later, I’m on the brink. On this side of the wall; it’s surreal, jumping up and down enthusiastic, and reactive. On that side of the wall (where my MS is currently); it’s real, methodical – crossing t’s and dotting i’s, and dedicated to the novel/author at hand.

After I made the decision to pursue a publisher I was steeped in the tea of the publishing business (I now drink quite a bit of tea – coffee only previously) I listened to all the suggestions and that is mainly why I started this blog. To market my book. However, it’s hard to market something that doesn’t exist anywhere but in the pages of a  MS. So, I plan to have a contest and talk about my women’s historical fiction with romance elements Summer Palace by S. Forrest Nomakeo that takes place in 17th Century Russia complete at 71,114 words. If you enjoy my blog, you’ll love my book.

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