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I’ve been doing research, viewing webinars, and building a more solid platform for myself. It seems if I thought my days were consumed with writing, editing, and reading, then… wait a minute, for the launch of my book. I’m so glad I set goals for myself last fall and have edited and finalized one WIP and written the sequel to the book I now await and have completed 50% of the third book in the trilogy—The Summer Palace, White Towers, and Kende Castle (the latter two titles are not final). For, now, I’ve read, the days are not long enough to market a novel properly. The publisher will help, they have all the connections and know-how, but don’t leave your heart and soul’s desires to someone else. Accept and appreciate all the publisher and distributor can offer, but be diligent with your own effort.

I have this blog and try to maintain it weekly. Since I’m in the throws of getting my book out there I need to do at least that much. I now have a website I need to glean more e-mail for my launch. Thanks to you I have quite a few from this blog, but I have started a newsletter which I have posted on my new website and ask visitors to subscribe to my Newsletter: ScriptNews Monthly. I have an e-mail account for all correspondence for my book: sforrestnomakeo@gmailcom (I just checked it to make sure it’s taking mail) so, I anxiously await.  I need to get professional business cards and a professional head shot to build a Media Kit which can be sent out at the push of a send button.

I also need to contact those that can assist in getting the word out about my first novel about to be launched (that sounds so good) as soon as the final set of proofs and cover are approved. Then a date will be set and ore-ordering can commence. The internet is full of suggestions for anything you can google. Marketing Tips, what an author should know about launching a novel, etc.

If you’re not a burgeoning author or enjoy writing and considering a leap of faith I’m not sure what this blog has to offer other than the occasional excerpt I include (gee, I haven’t done that for awhile). I am going to elicit a contest to suggest names for the last two titles of my trilogy, perhaps, that would be a good time to add a chapter, for how can you name a book you have no knowledge of? Not sure about that right at this moment.

I have also attended a few author events in my area, listened to readings from the promotion, and purchased two signed books. I also attended a Romance Writers meeting in CT and met with several authors who have books in print. I downloaded one of them and am reading the Kindle version on my phone. I like audio books for I’m somewhat vision impaired, but with a glass and my bi-locals I am able to read the text on my phone.

Speaking of reading, I have come across a great six-book series Hereward by James Wilde. Hereward the hero, is right up there with; Uhtred of Bemmenburg from the Last Kingdom Series by Bernard Cornwell, Sigurd Haraldson from the Rise of Sigurd Series and Osric Blood Eye from the Raven Series both by Giles Kristian. Since the third book in the Herewald Series is not available on audio I have downloaded it to read on my iphone as soon as I finish reading Annie’s Heart by Barbara Edwards. So far it’s a good historical fiction takes place in the Mid-West after the Civil War. Barbara is one of the women I met in CT last weekend at the RWC. I plan to leave a review on Amazon once I have finished. That is what I can do to help a fellow author and hope others will do the same for me when the time comes.

Another important note; everything I have done to date, especially here on this blog is to document my journey and share it with others if what I have done, and the successes I have enjoyed can be of any help to someone else then it was worth the effort. Also, the content is great to copy and paste into my newsletter, the Q’s and Synopsis’, etc. I have written can have sections copied and pasted into interesting (hopefully) content as well. Keep in mind the wealth of all you have done to date and ease your burden of coming up with new copy for your continuing journey. Until next time… keep writing.

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