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I spent a great weekend with Catherine and her family. She is such a wonderful sister to go through the first half of the book helping me proofread. It took quite a few hours but we did laugh, eat and drink. Now that the first two parts are done I think I will send out another query letter since I never heard a word from the first one. I can see fault with my letter and have made some changes. The next agent is asking for the first few pages, whereas the last agent wanted ten pages which I sent a ten page chapter randomly. Not sure if that was a good idea either. I’ll need a synopsis, a bio and the query letter. I would also like to attend a conference which I am looking into. I am also planning a trip to do research, not sure if that will get done or not.

Currently I am re-reading Part Three from the ending to the beginning to focus on syntax then I will read it one more time before printing it out and going to Catherine’s for coffee. Then I will do the same for Part Four. The book is finished with maybe a tweak here or there but the process is just beginning.

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